Michael McGrathI am a London based writer-director, who has written six screenplays and directed over a dozen shorts, in both comedy and drama categories.  My films have met with industry acclaim.  Joce Capper, Festival Director of the Rushes Soho Screen Shorts, said of “Prison! No Way!” that it was one of the best films that she had ever seen.  After spent two years in LA learning my craft on six low budget, independent features,  I came home to create my own films.

I only write about the human condition, so the script has to be absolutely right.  This usually takes just shy of a year although, “An Gorta Mor” (The Great Hunger) took over two years to complete, on account of its multiple, narrative strands.

As a director, it is imperative to take the audience on a journey, so I only employ actors who immerse themselves fully in a character.  I like to establish a strong visual aesthetic, primarily conceived through cinematography but complemented by set design.  In post, I experiment with non-diegetic sound, to create an atmosphere relevant to the overall tone of the film.

This is my life.  I can’t get enough.  I love what I do.  Whats the next project?